Imaio was founded in 1987, acting in an active and dynamic manner in providing services and technical support to the national textile industry, with particular emphasis on industries of technical yarns (natural and synthetic) and metal cables (ferrous and non ferrous).

The extension of our "core business" to other economic sectors like the automobile sector, telecommunications, construction and electrical industry, were successfully achieved through the implementation of key partnerships and the completion of representation protocols with some of the most esteemed business leaders in the world.

The entry in the new millennium was also an important milestone in the History of Imaio, and to highlight is the relocation of the corporate headquarters facilities to the industrial area of Porto, which took place in early 2000.

When we position ourselves tactically in thefocal center of the city, occupying an area of around 1.000 square meters, of which 350square metersbelong to the back offices and the remaining 650to the warehouse, we can offer a full after-sales service, as well as presentations or launches of new equipment developed by our represented partners.

In parallel with the policy of heavy investment in infrastructure, there has also been a concern of attracting capital and human resources to better meet the challenging demands of the market.

In this line of continuous improvement, we focus on the investment made in mid 2017, with the full replacement of the entire network in order to provide our commercial services with a more advanced and efficienttechnical means.

The quality and confidence passed by in the market to the products we currently represent, in combination with the know-how acquired and refined over more than two decades of activity are the basis for a regular and sustained growth of Imaio, so that weenvisage the future with confidence.

We take this opportunity to thank all our customers, suppliers, employees and partners for the trust they show in our organization; they are certainly the reason for our success.